Built for athletes and coaches, Method 19 is an intuitive online platform and program that seamlessly combines the industries top strength and conditioning expertise with cutting-edge technology. 


What You and Your Athletes Get


Hey Coaches,

I've been in your shoes and understand how badly you want to ensure that your athletes are successful. I was a head college baseball coach for 7 years. I worked tirelessly to understand and meet the needs of my athletes.

Since my time as a coach I have worked with athletes from youth sports, collegiate athletics, professionals, and even a handful of Olympians. Moreover, I've been able to work alongside some of the best and brightest in this industry to bring the highest level of corrective exercise and performance programming to ensure that athletes have access to the best knowledge available.

With Method 19 you'll get access to a Method 19 admin panel to easily add/remove athletes in your program to ensure that they have access to our amazing workout plans. Your athletes will then be able to login to our system and complete their daily workouts no-matter where they may be. Our workouts have been customized for bodyweight, gym, hybrid, studio, suspension, and whole-body vibration to make it so that there's no reason to skip a workout. Beyond our amazing strength training programs we offer Redline Cardio™ which offers customized cardio programs based upon the individuals heartbeat during exercise. Their program is based upon what their heart is doing while they exercise—it doesn't get any more customized than that.

Possibly the best part of giving your athletes access to Method 19 is that they become part of the Method 19 family and receive direct access to the Method 19 Team and creator of this amazing training protocol. Within the app itself is a messaging system that connects your athletes directly to the creator of Method 19.

I look forward to working with you to improve the training and well-being of your athletes.


Bret Al-Imari, MS, CSCS, PES, CES


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Ready for a Coach Account?


The process is super simple. Create your account, add your athletes, and you'll be invoiced monthly. We will invoice you for the initial setup fee of $300 and then Coach accounts are $50/mo (12 athlete accounts included) and $5 for each additional user.