Is Something Better than Nothing?

Why are so many coaches so misguided when it comes to actual athletic development?

I was at sports event recently and I heard it. The most ridiculous and often used statement by coaches about, sports conditioning. "Well, we just send our guys to the CrossFit Gym down the road. Something's better than nothing, am I right?"

No, your wrong. You're an absurd order of magnitude wrong. And you're endangering your athletes' present and future. Something is better than nothing. This is the weakest and most detrimental statement in sports conditioning. Not only youth sports, either. I've heard this from strength coaches at the college and professional level.

Every decision we make at each moment of our lives affects the cumulative result. That statement may be a little dramatic. But, yet improper training can have negative effects on performance and injury. Moreover, the lifelong negative effect on movement and the ability to function. Think about your day—do you spend any time using your body? If so, then a proper training plan is crucial. Also, the key to sports performance now and your daily life in the future.

I had the opportunity to spend 7 years as a college baseball coach. Nothing during that time was more important to me than the well-being of each of my athletes. I'm overjoyed to know that I never placed them in a situation to get injured by a program. Also, I never neglected the issue by passing the buck with a weak excuse.  I'm proud that I have several former athletes, whom still follow my workout advice. Some of these same individuals are coaches themselves now.

Most coaches understand that every practice is important and has an impact. A great practice can lead to a breakthrough winning streak or championship. Why isn't strength and conditioning treated with the same level of importance? I want to make sure that every athlete has the proper tools to make the most of their athletic career. Moreover, their lives and the well-being of future generations. Today's athletes are tomorrow's coaches.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Somethings better than nothing"? I'd like to hear about it and love to help if I can. Creating a fit life is an on-going commitment that starts whenever you're ready. May as well be today. I don't see a reason to wait. With that said, let's give athletes a chance by not making excuses. 

Something is not better than nothing.

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