What You'll Achieve




You'll have the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.


You create a feeling of self-assurance that arises from your appreciation of your abilities or successes.


You'll reach a personal state of being that is likely free from illness or injury through creating a fit life.



Method 19 Training was born of athletes and over 4,500 people have used this training framework to move better and ultimately perform at their peak level—regardless of whether that was in Little League Baseball, Learning to Walk Again, or the Olympics. This program provides you with the exact daily plan to make it so that you Move Better and unlock your best self.

Method 19 has completely transformed my perspective on exercise. For years I focused solely on lifting heavy weights and resting to full recovery. Now I really do train smarter and couldn’t be happier.
— Tyler K.
As a triathlete I need to be at the top of my game each and every day. Therefore, I turn to Method 19 on a daily basis to ensure that I never have to spend time getting prepared because I’m always prepared.
— Katie Z.
I was skeptical. Really skeptical because this program was created for athletes and seemed to be all about moving better. I kept hearing about how it would make me move better and I didn’t understand that until I started using this program. Everything I do now is so much easier because my body ‘moves better’ and I love it. Trust me—you need to try moving better and Method 19 is the way to do that.
— Chad D.
I absolutely love the balance and depth of the Method 19 workouts. As a gymnast I’m familiar with pushing myself but Method 19 pushes me and then eases me back in order to push me again in an effective way. I love it.
— Madison R.
As a professional baseball player I need something to ensure that I have longevity. Method 19 hasn’t let me down and I’ve been using this system since long before it was even called Method 19.
— Jeff M.
I used to have the opportunity to work one on one with Bret and paid him over $100 for a single 40 minute session. I kept that up to the tune of nearly $20,000 spanning a couple years. Now, I’ve got unlimited access to him and these amazing workouts for $14 a month. There’s no better deal in fitness.
— Jenna B.
Love how simple this app is to use. I can’t believe the creator of this workout program takes time to respond to my random fitness questions via email.
— Joe S.