Founder Message

Fitness has grown and evolved just like everything else has throughout history.

Fitness was born of the ancient Olympians but more recently, within the last century was shaped by bodybuilders and power-lifters. However, most of us don't fit into those categories; nor do we want to. This is why Method19 exists. The Method19 training framework was created to increase fitness, performance, and longevity in athletes. Moreover, its been customized to help everyone to reach their full-potential in unlocking the most fit version of themselves.

With Method19 you won't be forced to choose a new workout daily—nor will we be posting new workouts daily. All of the workouts are already included and you simply progress from day-to-day and the program advances you.

Welcome to Method19, I know you're going to love the results and being a part of this community.


Bret Al-Imari, MS, PES, CES