Benefits of Method 19 Group Health

A simple fitness app to improve the wellness of your team.

What You'll Get


We can yammer on and on about the benefits of what you'll get as a company. What your workforce will see in terms of their health and wellness and so forth. But, let's face it—nearly everyone of us needs to live a more active life.

There are a tremendous number of ways that we can do that. More products and ideologies that I can to try to research, understand, or even find.

Therefore, 14 years ago I started studying exercise physiology and more importantly exercise sequencing. What I learned was that all movement is cumulative. The more you move the more fit you are (at least perceptually). However, what all these step tracking companies won't tell you is that quality of movement is most important. This is true at all levels of life.

The better you move—the better you live. My initial studies were conducted with athletes where movement is quite literally the difference between success and failure. However, each of us benefit from moving well. The way we hold ourselves and control out body movement showcases our wellness, our confidence, and often our capability.

With Method 19 you can provide your team with the perfect progression of strength training workouts to make them move better, live healthier, and become more confident. You'll provide them with a cardio training system that is unparalleled in specificity to them—their specific program is individually crafted to their heartbeat and not some time-worn number that assumes that were each the same. Moreover, Method 19 can provide your team with expert support to ensure that when they've got questions—they'll receive informed answers.

Let's work together to take your workforce to a higher level of health and performance.


Bret Al-Imari, MS, CSCS, PES, CES — Founder of Method 19


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