Redline Cardio Overview

Experience 3x the benefit in 1/3 the time with heart rate specific training.



Method 19 uses the Redline Cardio™ Training System. This training system has the user complete a 10 minute cardio assessment to understand what their heart is doing while they exercise—this provides us with your Redline Number. Your Redline Number is very similar to your V02 Max which enables us with the information to create YouSpecific training zones to make it so that you are exercising with the proper heart rate for each minute of your 20 minute cardio workout.


abundance of training options

We understand that each of us has a different destination in mind based upon our individual goals. Therefore, we've created plenty of cardio training plans for you to choose from including; weight loss, wellness,  tactical (fire, police, and military), and performance (baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, mma, soccer, sport, volleyball, wrestling, and 10k). Let's calculate your Redline and get you started toward your destination.



This cardio methodology is built on a framework of consistency and real tangible results. You will be given the opportunity to follow a 5 day schedule then have 2 days off. Each workout day consists of a single 20 minute cardio session. Once you start you'll be motivated to not-break-the-chain and you'll see quick results because of your commitment.


Is this training approach for you?