Hi, I'm Bret.

I created the Method 19 Training Framework.


First things first, I am not your fitness guru. I’m your friend. You can trust that I’d never lead you in the wrong direction with a fragment of advice or a product recommendation. I write on this blog, create products, build companies with the end goal of helping people like you to create a fit life.

If a fit life is something that you want. I am confident that something will come across the pages of this website (or, one of my other’s) that will help make that possible. Everything I share is intentional and I would appreciate it if you’d take it as such.

Who I am, what I’ve done, and why it’s okay to put your faith and trust in me.

I’m Bret Al-Imari, MS, PES, CES, CSCS and the list goes on and on.

I am an exercise physiologist and serial entrepreneur based in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, the founder of Alimari & Co, the company behind Method19, Redline Cardio, FitPro Secrets, Endurotape, FitScriptly, and Spend More Time Doing Less.

I’ve been studying advanced exercise prescription for more than 12 years—so that you don’t have to. I began this work because I had undergone an injury that I wanted to better understand. As a baseball player, I experience a freak accident that was caused by overuse. Overuse injuries are extremely common in baseball. Though its commonplace doesn’t mean it needs to be or that we should simply accept it. I was the 1% of the 1% and some wet astroturf derailed my career. This was both soul-crushing and inspiring. Moreover, this injury may have changed the course of what I was confident would be a long career it introduced two questions: 1) Why did this happen? 2) What can I do to help it not happen to other people?

These questions set me on a path of discovery and questions that would challenge the status quo. I uncovered…and challenged the status quo.

The fitness industry was born of bodybuilder and powerlifters but it certainly has no reason to be defined by them. Besides, those two groups are incredibly small in the grand scope of fitness.

I may have never technically played in a professional baseball game. However, to date I’ve helped over 100 players return to professional fields after injury. Moreover, my training programs have positively influenced more than 200,000 people and counting.

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