My Blog Post on Blogging

I’ve written articles and papers that have spanned blogs, magazines, newspapers, and journals. But, yet I’ve written to educate, to share knowledge, but not for the betterment of people. You and me. This is my new approach. I want to help you be better.

This blog here at Method 19 is to help you. 

That’s my ambition. Nothing more and nothing less. Simply some insight, tools, and lessons toward the creation of a fit life.

If more people sign up for Method 19—that’s fantastic. But, yet writing makes me a better and more aware individual. It makes me think. It makes me understand logic and rationale. 

To take on this beneficial task—I must read a lot, think a lot, and talk a lot. Thus, so there may be times where I sound like other people. But, yet in the words of my favorite author Neil Gaiman. “Sometimes you have to sound like a lot of other people before you find your voice.” If I steal your words or voice, thank you for your insight. I promise you that I am only borrowing them because they inspired me. I am sharing your idea because I knew that someone somewhere would connect with it. 

Besides, I once heard the great Dave Matthews say, “It's the autonomy of art, isn't it? Once you share it it's no longer yours.”

Everything that I write on this blog is open for your use. No attribution required but definitely appreciated.