My Blog Post on Blogging

My Blog Post on Blogging

I’ve written articles and papers that have spanned blogs, magazines, newspapers, and journals. But, yet I’ve written to educate, to share knowledge, but not for the betterment of people. You and me. This is my new approach. I want to help you be better.

This blog here at Method 19 is to help you. 

That’s my ambition. Nothing more and nothing less. Simply some insight, tools, and lessons toward the creation of a fit life.

Why is fitness so easy for some people?

As a fitness coach, I understand that working out is tough. Not just with regard to sore muscles.
For some of us it just feels natural. It's easy to do and follow through on, and we enjoy it every time. Yet there's those of us that feel out of place. Our mind and body don't want to cooperate. Life gets in the way by interrupting us, and every session is a struggle. 

Why is it so easy for some people? Do you ever ask yourself this? If so, I’d like to share something I learned as a personal trainer to make working out more doable